Mind’s I is a band overflowing with potential. Raw talent and original ideas are what really set them apart. Members of Born of Osiris saw this in them and brought them to Illinois to record their debut EP. So far only two tracks have been released but it’s sounding eargasmic. Check out “Correlations Pt 2” below.

Recently, both good news and bad news came with this band. Let’s start with the bad, shall we? Mind’s I just parted ways with two band members yesterday. One of which was a beastly guitarist. They released the following statement:

“Dear Mind’s I fans, Khaled and I (Joe Vanderhoff) have decided to parts ways with Mind’s I. We had a lot of fun creating and playing music together, but we all agree that it is time for us to go our separate ways. Marcy and Jon are really great musicians and we wish them the best on their future musical endeavors! Don’t worry, they’ll be lots of music coming from all of us! I will be pursuing my musical love, Crossing The Event Horizon full time now! We just uploaded lots of old demos to our facebook page, so please go check those out, like the page if you dig what you hear, and expect LOTS of new material in the near future! Khaled will be working with me in this band as well, so head over there for your fretless bass fix! I’m sorry to anyone that this may disappoint. It was wonderful to get to work with Marcy and Jon, but at the end of the day we all have different creative paths that we must follow!”

The good news? Mind’s I will release their EP for FREE (my favorite price!) once their facebook hits 2,500 likes. Get on that people! Also the band isn’t gonna let this stop them. They are seeking new members and fully intend to continue making music. And the final bit of good news is that Crossing The Event Horizon is just plain awesome. It’s great when you can find good news in the bad. Joe Vanderhoff writes some incredibly trippy, thought provoking music. Check out the song “Corridor” (featuring a clip from possibly the trippiest movie ever, “Enter The Void”). Definitely looking forward to seeing what both of these bands do.

Links: Mind’s I Facebook // Crossing The Event Horizon Facebook