I’m gonna go ahead and make a prediction. When Monuments drops their debut album “Gnosis” it WILL be huge on the metal scene. Where 2010’s “We Are The Foundation” made ripples, “Gnosis” will make waves. Very much in the same way John Browne’s Fellsilent exploded into the scene back in 2008 with the album “Hidden Words”. Now the same techy Englishman is back and better than ever with Monuments. Neema Askari, vocalist of Fellsilent, has also come along for the ride. Listeners should except to hear the dangerous complexities of Meshuggah/SikTh style groovy off-time riffs and drumming (provided by the ridiculous Mike Maylan), tight jagged edged riffs, and heaps of originality. The album is slated to release August 27th in Europe and the next day, August 28th, in the States. Check out the first single “Doxa” along with the playthrough below. The tracklist is as follows:

1. Admit Defeat
2. Degenerate
3. Doxa
4. The Uncollective
5. Blue Sky Thinking
6. Memoirs
7. 97% Static
8. Empty Vessels Make The Most Noise
9. Regenerate
10. Denial (ft Spencer Sotelo of Periphery)

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