As far as modern day Hardcore goes, nobody does it better than The Ghost Inside.  This band caught my attention back in 2009 with their unique blend of brutality and melody.  Last month The Ghost Inside released their latest album Get What You Give.  Since I already stated that these guys are unique from the rest of their hardcore contemporaries I must also say that this album is unique from their previous two.  The most obvious difference is the use of clean vocals on songs such as "Engine 45" and "Dark Horse".  This may scare some older fans, seeing as how the addition of clean vocals doesn't always compliment the band (cough* Chelsea Grin cough*), but Jon Vigil pulls it off very well.  Most of the lyrics are derived from Vigil's experiences from touring and just pushing through life but some of the most personal lyrics are found in the song "White Light" in which he talks about his brother passing away.  Musically, it's a typical Ghost Inside album containing plenty of melodic riffs and skull bashing breakdowns.  Some of my personal favorites from this album are "Slipping Away", "Face Value", and "Test the Limits", but obviously opinions vary among us all so I suggest giving Get What You Give a thorough listen.

On another note, The Ghost Inside is currently playing on the Warped Tour and they put on an excellent show.  Their set list on the day that I saw them contained the songs "Outlive" and "Slipping Away" from the new album.  If you haven't already seen them live and you're into contemporary Hardcore then you should definitely check them out.

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