Not to be confused with the Fallujah in Iraq. Creating a fresh take on Technical Death Metal by adding atmospheric, progressive, fusion, and even some faint Black Metal elements, San Francisco’s Fallujah is definitely a band to keep your eye on. The group has been around since 2007 but didn’t make a name for itself until the 2009 EP “Leper Colony”. Their first full length, titled “The Harvest Wombs”, was released in 2011. Sounding like an atmospheric take on The Faceless (new album review coming soon), it’s easily one of my favorite Death Metal records. Now one of the more respected bands in the west coast metal underground, Fallujah took part in a leg of this years Summer Slaughter Tour and Slaughter Survivors Tour. They put on an incredibly tight, technical, entertaining live performance. I highly recommend looking into Fallujah.

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