It's safe to say that by now just about everybody in the metal community has heard about Howard Jones' departure from Killswitch Engage and the band reuniting with former vocalist Jesse Leach.  Fans of Leach are probably also familiar with his other project The Empire Shall Fall, but those who haven't heard of this band yet should definitely give them a listen.  T.E.S.F. takes elements of Metalcore, Meshuggah style grooves, and Jazz and  combines the sound with Leach's unique "hardcore yet bluesy" vocals.  In the past 3 years they have released 1 album titled Awaken, and one e.p. titled Solar Plexus: Volume 1.  Even though Leach is currently busy with Killswitch Engage, the band is in the process of writing Solar Plexus: Volume 2.  Keep an open ear out for these guys and be sure to check out Awaken and part 1 of Solar Plexus.

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