Ridiculous guitar talent Mario Camarena just made a serious and awesome career choice not too long ago. Actually it’s some of the best music related news I’ve heard in months. He has decided to stop wasting his talent on the frankly generic To Each His Own and return to CHON (Carbon Hydrogen Oxygen Nitrogen) as his full time project. Many have been hoping for this day to come.

He released the following statement: “Yo guys, It’s Mario. Here’s the gnarly news. After thinking about this for months, I’ve decided to leave my other band To Each His Own to focus fulltime on CHON and the music that’s truly in my heart. I fuckin love those dudes, and I know they’re going to make it far with the band. Be on the lookout for some more news on upcoming shit”

Expect to hear more of that chill California-style melodic shredding CHON followers have come to love. And for those of you who have not experienced the aural pleasures of CHON, listen below… now.

As an added bonus, CHON have made all the demo songs they have released so far available for free download here.