Hailing from North Carolina, Depths are throwing the best sounding pizza party of all time. Ironically, I was eating pizza when I first listened to the EP so I had the full experience. Depths has always been a very interesting under the radar band. Putting out music mainly on their Soundcloud until now. Currently an instrumental act (in search of the right vocalist if you got what it takes), these guys are full of potential. They certainly derive a lot of influence from artists such as Bulb, but this band is turning into an entity of it’s own, displaying intelligence and skill in their work. After several listens, it’s safe to say the “Pizza Party” EP is appetizing to the ears.

It starts off with clean, floating guitars in “Clark Kent”, creating an interesting atmosphere. But don’t be deceived. This isn’t a clean, floaty band. The riffs rip in very quickly. And if there’s anything this band is good at, it’s riffing the hell out of a guitar. Displaying skill up and down the fret board, this song quickly becomes a winner. Depths also has very interesting chord choices, creating soundscapes your ears may not have explored before in between the furious riffing. This applies to nearly every song they write. The cascading effect at the opener’s end is one of the most memorable moments on the EP leading up to my favorite track on this release, “USG Ishimura”. I gotta say this song has already been a classic to me for nearly a year. But hearing it with the newly added tweaks and superior production is really a treat. It opens up like you’re hearing music of the gods only to throw you through a maelstrom of technical breaks and insane guitar work. I highly recommend this track. “Big Boss” comes next with it’s serious riffage and melodic blast beats (yeah, I just said melodic blast beats). Like the song title suggests, it has a video game-ish feel to it. There’s actually already an 8-bit version on youtube. As I mentioned before, this band has some truly interesting chord choices. This song is no exception. I could easily see this being a favorite for some. Up next is “Zartan”. If I had to describe this song with one word, it would be chaos. And I definitely mean the good kind of chaos. This is another track that has been out for some time, and yet again it’s good to hear the craziness with superior production. It really stands out from the rest of the songs with its unpredictability. “Tiger Uppercut!” sounds painful if your on the receiving end. But the song itself hits in a different way. Another video game sounding track, it shows off the bands technical prowess while bringing some interesting melodic bits. There’s a really great part in this song where it almost seems to shift from a heavy upbeat feel to a downbeat… of someone’s face. Finally, “Aokigahara” is probably my second favorite song of this EP. Providing heavy off-time grooves and sharp riffs for your aural pleasure. There’s a breakdown towards the beginning of the song that really catches your attention. But I have to say the best part of this song is a power filled groove at the end. It seems to get stuck in my head every time I finish listening to the EP.

To sum things up, the “Pizza Party” is kick ass and delicious. The Circle Pit is providing a full stream through our youtube premiere of the EP. You can sink your teeth in below. And if you like what you hear, do our friends in Depths a huge favor and go download “Pizza Party” at Bandcamp!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // Soundcloud