This band started as a solo project in Akron, Ohio but ended up being something much bigger. Now with 6 members, Instrumental Progressive Metal band Wide Eyes just put out one of the biggest albums I’ve EVER seen. 26 whole songs clocking in at over 100 minutes were released on the Wide Eyes Bandcamp for stream and download yesterday. All mastered by Adam “Nolly” Getgood (Periphery/Red Seas Fire). You get to name your own price so you can have all 26 for free if you want. But with all the work these guys have done, it wouldn’t hurt to spare a few bucks.

I honestly haven’t had a chance to listen to even a quarter of this album, but everything I’ve heard from these dudes is quality. If I find time, I may end up giving the album a review. Wide Eyes has a very technical, melodic, powerful, progressive sound with electronic and atmospheric elements. If you wanna listen, we have the stream below. You can also download the entire album (if your library has space) here.

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