Since leaving Mind’s I, guitarists Patrick Philips and Joe Vanderhoff, along with bassist Sagar Nadgir have been creating fresh, psychedelic, atmospheric style progressive music in Crossing The Event Horizon. This is really an incredible project backed by inspired, beastly musicians. With shades of Pink Floyd, Cynic, and Meshuggah (interesting combo), Crossing The Event Horizon consistently puts out great, creative music. Honestly, the sky is the limit for these guys so I wanted to showcase some of their music to help get the name out there. They released a teaser for new music a couple months back and new music has finally arrived.

Did I mention this band had a psychedelic flare? If you can’t tell from the spacey, unusual music you can tell from the video selection. “The Voidance Principle” is the newest song. It’s video comes from the movie “Blueberry (Renegade)” which depicts an intense ayahausca trip, providing some serious eye candy to compliment the complex music. And the music is incredible. Under that is “Corridor”, which gets stuck in my head easily with it’s eerie groove. The video comes from the movie “Enter The Void” depicting a DMT trip. Finally, you can listen to the inspiring “Whence Came Creation”. Don’t know the movie, but you can watch existence take shape which is kinda cool I guess… Hopefully you guys enjoy the music as much as I do. Stay classy.

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