Hailing from Poland, Hyperial dropped their EP “Industry” not too long ago. The band plays what they call “Eclectic Metal” because the variety of genres their music touches. Essentially they are a blackened Death Metal band experimenting with other sounds. And it pays off because “Industry” is a good release.

Sometimes when I listen to Death Metal, it seems to have an evil empire sound to it. Hyperial definitely strikes me that way. It’s as if the music is saying, “BEHOLD MY [email protected]#KING MAJESTY.” It sounds evil, huge, and awesome at points.

The first thing that strikes me in the opener “Of Concrete And Ash Age” is that the drummer is a tank behind the kit. He carries the band very nicely throughout the entire release. The song is huge and heavy. It really displays the evil empire vibe I was talking about and opens the EP nicely. “Rotted Society” starts off adrift in electronic sound and quickly drops a heavy beat on you. You can tell this is a furious track. I really dig the use of blast beats in this one. “Toxic Secretion of Being” is the longest track on “Industry”, almost reaching 6 minutes. It has a very trippy awesome groove towards the beginning which really displays Hyperial’s flexibility as musicians. And the same can be said for the rest of the song. This is a creative track balancing taste and heaviness. I really like the way it ends. “Industry” is a pretty good track with an industrial feel to it (surprise, surprise..). The band brings the heaviness as you should expect by now and provides some interesting rhythmic sections. “MMXII-MMXXX” is basically a big atmosphere piece crammed into a minute. It sounds like the soundtrack to an impending doom (not the band). “The Eternal Paradise Of Illusion” hits hard as drum fill leads to heavy, fast winding guitar chaos. This song is a good display of Hyperial’s ability to use atmospheric elements with the heaviness. It closes out the EP well.

There are some parts of the EP that aren’t as good. A few sections feel like same old, same old recycled Death Metal. I’m honestly not a fan of the vocals either. Too many pig squeals and not enough variety for me. I’m sure some of you will dig them though. Those are my two main criticisms. Otherwise, Hyperial did a good job making “Industry”.

I think the EP is worth your time, especially if Death Metal is your thing. It may strike you as a breath of fresh air with Hyperial’s varied style. Good stuff.

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