This sampler just completely melted my face off. The upcoming Rings of Saturn album, “Dingir”, sounds like it’s gonna be beyond ridiculous. These guys have been pushing the boundaries of Technical Death Metal since the insane 2010 debut record “Embryonic Anomaly”. Nothing has changed in the past 2 years as the band continues to hammer out the heaviness with extreme technicality and a backing spacey, atmospheric feel. The 2012 album sampler below was released a few months back, but it is a must listen for any Tech Death fans. “Dingir” is slated to be released November 20th. You can also find the track list under the sampler.

01 – Objective to Harvest
02 – Galactic Cleansing
03 – Shards of Scorched Flesh
04 – Feast Upon their Bowels
05 – Faces Imploding
06 – Peeling Arteries
07 – Hyperforms
08 – Fruitless Existence
09 – Immaculate Order
10 – Utopia (Instrumental)

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