Coming from Switzerland, Sybreed have been keeping it heavy since 2003 with their brand of progressive, groovy, industrial metal with some death and black metal influences. Sybreed was forged with their mutual tastes in heavy and industrial music. 9 years later, the band is still going strong and gearing up to release their 4th studio album “God Is An Automaton” on Listenable Records. It’s gonna hit store shelves September 24th over in Europe and October 2nd Stateside. European pre-orders are availible but I guess the US has to wait.

“The Line Of Least Resistance” is the album’s first single, and it’s available for your ears below. The band has also been making a series of studio updates focusing on each component of the band. The last of these updates was just posted. You can find all of them under the single. We also have the complete “God Is An Automaton” tracklist under that. Cheers.



01 – Posthuman Manifesto 
02 – No Wisdom Brings Solace 
03 – The Line of Least Resistance 
04 – Red Nova Ignition 
05 – God Is an Automaton 
06 – Hightech Versus Lowlife 
07 – Downfall Inc. 
08 – Challenger 
09 – A Radiant Daybreak 
10 – Into the Blackest Light 
11 – Destruction and Bliss

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