“Mind Fuck” – That’s the way people describe the style played by The Algorithm aka the Al Gore rhythm… I’d say it has a good chance of being the next big thing. Usually the idea of metal being mixed with dubstep makes me cringe. But French producer Rémi Gallego pulls it off in a way that I can’t deny the awesomeness. Especially when Monuments drummer Mike Malyan is wrecking the kit to this live. Mixing electronics with sharp mind fuck patterns and overall quality, The Algorithm should appeal to several circles. Signed to Europe’s Basick Records (great label), The Algorithm is working on his debut full length record as we speak. If any of this strikes your interest, maybe even if it doesn’t, you should give the Algorithm’s mind fuckery a listen below. We have a complete live set of The Algorithm jamming with Mike Malyan for you. Definitely check that out. There’s also a drum play through and the track “Tr0jans”.

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