It’s been a long wait, but news on The HAARP Machine has finally arrived. The UK band has found a new vocalist and drummer to pick up where they left off, finishing their debut album “Disclosure” to be released on Sumerian Records. The HAARP Machine is a progressive tech metal juggernaut in the making. This has been apparent ever since Sumerian seemingly picked them up out of the blue and showed us this track and play through in 2011:

The band just released a trailer detailing their upcoming album “Disclosure” and addressing lineup changes directly through samples from their new singer and drummer. You can find the trailer down there. It’s all sounding great. I’m sure the anticipation has now doubled for some. I know it has for me. No pre-orders have been put up but rumor has they are coming very soon. Under the album trailer you can also find the “Disclosure” album artwork. And under that are the band’s studio updates, which while not up to date (see what I did there?) with the current lineup, will give you a great idea of the band’s unique sound. The HAARP Machine’s “Disclosure” is slated for an October 15th release
in Europe, October 16th in the States, and October 19th in the rest of
the world. From everything I’ve seen and heard from this band, I’m sure The HAARP Machine’s debut record will be well worth the wait.