Who's ready for the Apocalypse?  Yeah… what a load of s***.  I guess we'll all just have to settle for This.  In all seriousness, these guys truly are a talented group to emerge out of the Lancaster scene.  Even though that area is mainly recognized for birthing bands such as August Burns Red and Texas in July, This or the Apocalypse really stands out to a lot of people, including myself, due to their unique take on Metalcore.  These guys incorporate some progressive elements into their song structures as well as placing a heavy emphasis on grooves.  To really get an understanding of their sound then check out their two earlier releases, Monuments and Haunt What's Left.

On September 4th, This or the Apocalypse released the single "In Wolves" which will appear on their 3rd studio album later this month.  Anybody that has been following this band since their formation will tell you that this isn't a new song.  In fact it was written, and even played at shows, before they released Haunt What's Left.  So with that said, there have been some alterations made to the song since then.  I will post both versions below.  As for the new version, it's a solid track.  It starts out with a very groovy rhythm, accompanied by a distorted, almost hypnotizing riff.  The song then breaks into their chaotic signature sound, but later deviates from that for the chorus (similar to "Subverse" off of Haunt What's Left).  My only problems with this song are the breakdowns.  They seem to show up a little too frequently, especially for a band like This or the Apocalypse.  All in all this is a great song by a phenomenal band.  Dead Years will be released later this month, be sure to check it out.

New Version


Mike Thall's Favorite Version (Intense Live Video! Pre-Haunt What's Left)

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