We introduced this solo project last free music monday and I’ve been jamming it ever since. This is one mind fuck of an EP. From start to finish, the high level of complexity is impressive. Lou Gregoire aka A.I.(d) takes after artists like The Algorithm and Cloudkicker by using synthetic instruments. However he does provide the guitar and bass himself. Lou’s also inspired by smoking cigarettes and drinking sodas. Altogether it makes for some awesome, experimental, tech heavy music to feast your brain on. A.I.(d) pays serious attention to detail. There is almost always something awesome going on and it really makes this EP a trip.

It begins with a world ending seizure in “Apocapilepsy”. This is song is fucking nuts! Great way to set the tone for the EP because the whole thing is insane. Parts of it feel like bungee jumping into a Meshuggah-esque acid mat. Dark and chaotic with merciless brutality. It also features a few piano segments to throw things off even further. You get to experience “Bath Salts” without actually doing bath salts. It’s great! This track has a very psychedelic feel to it. Especially with this huge, original soundscape towards the middle. There’s also plenty of heavy goodness in this stand out track. You almost get a metal meets dubstep vibe throughout this release. Usually that would annoy me, but artists like A.I.(d) and The Algorithm pull it off in a way that I can’t deny the insane genius of it.”Final Sunset” is the longest track on the EP, clocking in at 9 and a half minutes. Beginning with a quote from The Matrix, this song covers everything from immense soundscapes to heavy as hell, crushing brutal segments. This song ends in such a disturbingly awesome way. “Spearmint” is probably the most upbeat track on the EP with its high winding guitars and use of melody. But it still brings plenty of heavy chaos as to be expected before it ends with yet another quote from The Matrix. The final track “530.000” opens with a sci-fi sounding alarm which is very reminiscient of Meshuggah’s “Destroy Erase Improve”. Except the patten behind the effect in this song is much different. There is ridiculous technicality driving this song all the way through. Really a strong way to close the EP.

I only have one real criticism of this release. In a few segments, the guitars sound incredibly synthetic considering a good bit of the guitar work was recorded. And as I’ve I stated, I’m aware of the use of synthesized instruments but it just sounds too much like copy and paste. For example, about 40 seconds into “Bath Salts”. That segment of the song kicks ass, but the guitars just don’t sound legit. Luckily most of the EP sounds legit as hell! 

To sum things up, the mind fuckery is strong in this one. “Solar Feelings” is one razor sharp, whirlwind of a release with major attention to detail in its complexity. A.I.(d) actually does a few things better than his inspiration, The Algorithm. That being said, Lou very much has an awesome style of his own. And did I mention you can download “Solar Feelings” for free? Not only that, you can get A.I.(d)’s entire discography free of charge! Grab it here. Hope you enjoy guys! And I hope A.I.(d) keeps up the incredible work. “Solar Feelings” is beastly.

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // Free Download!