I still remember seeing these guys live as a local band opening up for This Or The Apocalypse awhile back. Usually local bands bore me, but An Obscure Signal kicked ass! No one knew who they were but the crowd was into it and they opened the show like a bunch of pros, outshining most of the following acts. What made it even cooler was after the set Alex Mola, their vocalist, just came up to me and Thall Baker out of the blue and we talked about all kinds of shit. At one point, he got distracted and said he would be back. I didn’t expect him to actually come back, being the front man of a band that literally just wrecked the stage. But to my surprise, he did come back and we chilled with him for a good bit of the show. Really cool dude.

Here we are, a couple years later and An Obscure Signal broke up a few months back for whatever reason. They are now all pursuing new and different musical endeavors. From solo projects to bands such as From Atlantis. However, they posed a great question the other night, “Who thinks we should play one last final show?” The general response was HELL YES! DOOO IT! So if you live in MD, VA, PA, WV, or just want to see these guys play one last show. Go show em some love and let them know! Who knows, it might just happen. But in the mean time, jam the classics from An Obscure Signal below!

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