Straight out of Denmark comes a band with a strange name and good music, Cold Night For Alligators. The band has been making heavy music since 2008. “Singular Patterns” is their second release following the 2010 record “Ulterior Motives”. Cold Night For Alligators certainly have a unique sound combining off the wall experimental tech-metal and electronics with serious progressive elements. Basically, these dudes do whatever the fuck they want and it really gives you the vibe they are about making music for fun.

Essentially, this is a good EP. This band brings some serious creativity. It definitely has some rough spots but Cold Night For Alligators seem to have purpose and direction in their musical composition. They think outside the box to form original concepts and execute them well.

“Effervescence” opens up “Singular Patterns” brilliantly, creating a beautiful melody in a huge way with a somewhat clssical influence backing the track. Strangely enough it closes out with a dubstep-ish electronic segment and whips you into the next song “Aspects” with fast winding guitars. I wasn’t as impressed when the vocalist chimed in. He improves somewhat throughout the EP with clean vocals and a wider variety of harsh ones. Overall, it’s a good, off the wall track though. “You Had That Look in Your Eye – Fight or Flight” begins with a morphing 3D effect if you’re wearing headphones or in the car. The sound moves in a wide circle before impacting with a heavy metal/dubstep hybrid break. The dubstepping isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but the band can do what they want. This song is frankly a generic ride if you compare it to the rest of “Singular Patterns”, but it certainly has it’s moments. “Clarity” provides beautiful ambient melody leading up to the huge 10 minute ender “You Never Cease To Amaze Me”, which is probably the best song on “Singular Patterns”. It takes the listener on a musical adventure through the hills and valleys of the soundscape they constructed. Yet again, the vocalist isn’t the best but the music is very well done and creative. I recommend this track.

Other than the few above, my main criticisms are the production is off at times, some transitions feel forced, and parts of the composition could be tightened. But all of the above are mostly compensated for as the EP progresses.


“Singular Patterns” is available for a “Name Your Own Price” download on Bandcamp. So you can listen to the entire EP and either download it for free or give the band some $$$. Either way, it’s recommended. Cold Night For Alligators did a fine job making “Singular Patterns” and it’s worth your time. Especially if you appreciate creative music.

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