Coming from Italy, Ready, Set, Fall was the best spam I ever got on Youtube. The band’s quirky name kinda set me back but the song/video “Skyscrapers” was an instant winner. Altogether they have earned millions of hits on Youtube. Not a small feat for an upcoming band. Ready, Set, Fall have an interesting brand of metalcore that makes them stick out in sea of generic bands. Their sound can be technical and heavy as hell but transitions to a more melodic, catchy side seamlessly. That may not sound unusual but they pull it off with style and high energy. You can check out the video for “Skyscrapers” below along with 2 newer videos for the tracks “Labyrinth” (the newest) and “Buried Alive” (most successful) below! And if you like what you hear, go let them know and buy some music! Their newest EP “Buried” is available at the band’s American Store and the European Store.

Links: Facebook // Twitter // American Store // European Store