Rings of Saturn writes music on an apocalyptic scale. Massive, crushing, tech death around the xenocide of the human race. This shits more metal than King Diamond. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, look and laugh here. King Diamond prefers his steak bloody as fuck with a side of stem cells \m/

After crushing the world with their debut “Embryonic Anamoly”, Rings of Saturn have apparently stepped up their game for their new album, “Dingir” (pronounced din-jeer). I didn’t know that was possible but the album teaser is beyond ridiculous. If you listen to that and don’t get stoked, there’s something wrong with you. The record will be unleashed upon the masses November 20th on Unique Leader Records. It will clock in at 42 minutes of mind blowing heavy goodness. The band has also released the track listing and album artwork, both of which can be found below the album sampler. Enjoy!

Lucas Mann, founder and lead guitarist of the band had this to say, “Instrumentally, we wanted to expand on the chaotic sound that we have become known for in Embryonic Anomaly, but at the same time wanted to add in new progressive and melodic elements that would compliment all the dissonance found in our music. This is very apparent on the instrumental track, Utopia, and on the second to last track, Immaculate Order, where you will find that we concentrated solely on progressive melody.

Lyrically, the album stays true to the subjects that Rings of Saturn is known for. The album title “Dingir” translates over from ancient Sumerian language meaning deity, god, or sky. In the stance of the album, Dingir portrays the aliens as gods who created man, and also harvest and ultimately destroy the human civilization.”

1 – Objective to Harvest (4:06)
2 – Galactic Cleansing (3:28)
3 – Shards of Scorched Flesh (3:08)
4 – Dingir (3:35)
5 – Faces Imploding (5:51)
6 – Peeling Arteries (4:05)
7 – Hyperforms (3:50)
8 – Fruitless Existence (3:13)
9 – Immaculate Order (4:37)
10 – Utopia (Instrumental, 5:25)


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