Back in 2009, Russian Deathcore act Sumatra dropped their debut “Heliocratic Infinity” and spread it across the metal underground. I instantly became a fan because of the beastly technical prowess and extreme talent / creativity the band showcased. Especially with their former guitarist Karen Grigoryian. Ever since he  left the band, fans have been waiting for a follow up and I’ve been curious how they would manage without Karen’s ability. Turns out they’re doing great. There have been changes with the addition of clean vocals and a varied writing style but it’s nice and moshable. This is evident in their new single “Set Me Free”, which they released a lyric video and a drum play through for. You should check out both below! And if you like what you hear, show the band some love! I also recommend listening to “Heliocratic Infinity”. No further updates have been released, but you should keep an eye on this band. Best believe The Circle Pit will be.

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