Attention all prog-heads, my brain is so happy right now. After teasing us not too long ago, Tesseract have finally showed the world “Nocturne” in it’s entirety. The song was played on a BBC radio show and someone got a nice, clean rip of the greatness so you can listen below (or check the better quality version here on Metal Hammer. You’re welcome Metal Hammer.)

Yes, as to be expected Tesseract have done an excellent job on “Nocturne”. After yet another vocalist change and all the anticipation, the band delivered. There is a deep groove backing the polyrhythmical intricacy. Tight technical writing intertwined with beautifully composed melody power on together throughout the track. It’s like a musical adventure building mountains and valleys as you go. The inclusion of new vocalist Ashe O’hara’s singing is welcome in my ears. He is damn near a perfect fit, providing a similar style to Daniel Tompkins while being a beast of his own. Altogether, the song is just plain potent. I got chills, especially towards the end.

So if you honestly can’t tell by now, I highly recommend this track. It’s HUGE and intelligent. It really woke me up! (get it…?) Definitely looking forward to seeing where this UK juggernaut of a band goes from here. So far, it looks like the only direction for them is up. First official 10//10 I’ve given on The Circle Pit. Ohhhh yeeaaaah.

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