Hailing from Canada, Ascariasis are a five piece Technical Death Metal act looking to take the metal world by storm. The band recently dropped their debut EP “Ocean Of Colour” via the beastly Subliminal Groove Records and they wan’t you to give it a listen…. for FREE! You can go download the release right here. But does it deserve your ears? Keep reading and you’ll find out very shortly…

HELL YES IT DOES! Ascariasis are emerging to the forefront of the Canadian metal scene and showing serious potential to go further. I honestly haven’t been this impressed with a debut EP in awhile. This is shreddy, razor-edged Technical Death Metal with a creative, tasteful side. There is certainly a chaotic, heavy influence here, but this band brings a classical, tastefully melodic flavor to their music along with some ambient elements. Altogether, it makes them really stand out amongst the Death Metal pack. And the talent level… holy shit. Let’s just say this is the kind of band that will either inspire the hell out of other artists or make them want to give up on their respective instruments. This is only their debut and they are that good. I applaud Ascariasis for winning at life.

I love the way “Ocean Of Colour” opens with the sheer complexity of “Shatter” fading into your ears until it punches you right in the face with some heavy shreds before breaking into a tight, rhythmic pattern. Right away this track shows you what this band is all about. “Torchbearer” rips open with intense blast beats backing heavy riffs, touches on some melody, and goes right back to business. This track probably has some of the best heavy segments on the release. “Eleven” is the longest track but the time is well spent. It opens with a large, haunting soundscape before pummeling you with straight metal. Awesome music. The title track, “Ocean Of Colour”, is the title track for a reason. Give it a listen above and see why. “Carving The World” is certainly a contender for best song on “Ocean Of Colour”. Absolutely mind blowing. It’s a very creative track packing several twists to close out the EP.

There are some very minor blemishes, but I have no real criticisms here. “Ocean Of Colour” is awesome and well thought out from beginning to end. This is heavy, intellectual ear candy. Ascariasis is really an incredible musical unit with serious potential backing
them. The only way for them to go from here is up and my ears can’t
wait for it.

If you honestly can’t tell by now, this EP is god damn superb. Very enjoyable from beginning to end and if you blast it loud enough you’ll start neighborhood mosh pits. You can give some of the goods a listen above. Be sure to support the band with a download (or some $$$) on Bandcamp! And if you love it, wear it! Support great music!

Links: Facebook // Merch // Bandcamp // Subliminal Groove Records