“Koi No Yokan” is Japanese for the sensation of knowing you’ll fall in love with a person you just met. It’s also the title of the new Deftones record! HELL YEAH! This band has been holding it down since 1988 and they’re still going strong. This will is their seventh full-length studio album. “Koi No Yokan” is due to hit stores everywhere on November 13th. As to be expected, they have been releasing singles but today they gave it up with an album stream! And luckily it’s my day off, so I’m blasting Deftones so loud my neighbors are headbanging! …And I’m writing a review of the goods.

I think it’s pretty much a given the record is good. Deftones always deliver quality. Definitely worth the wait. “Koi No Yokan” is being hailed by some as the rightful successor to the classic “White Pony”. They bring the same energy and expand upon it aggressively, making for an awesome listening experience for longtime fans and newcomers alike. There is a great balance between heaviness and melody within the grooves. One moment, you’ll be feeling the low tuned rhythms only to be thrown into a wide open, deep soundscape. There is a serious focus on ambiance to be found making this record feels like a trip across space. It’s safe to say “Koi No Yokan” is a collection of intelligently crafted music.

The musical unit behind Deftones is tight as ever. Chris Moreno leads the march with massive, soaring vocals. His unique vocal style is impressive to say the least. Guitarist Stephen Carpenter really brought a solid effort. These songs are incredibly well thought out. The awesome Abe Cunningham lays in sweet grooves and driving beats behind the kit while new addition Sergio Vega follows suit with the rumble from down under like a pro. Groovy dudes, and I’m not talking hippies. You also have Frank Delgado backing everything with the moving soundscapes and great keyboard work as an undercurrent to the music.

The album kicks off heavy with “Swerve City” only to take a melodic twist. This track is massive with a driving beat and serious depth. Definitely a stand out track among many others including “Romantic Dreams”, “Leathers”, “Poltergeist”, “Entombed”, “Graphic Nature”, “Tempest”, “Gauze”, “Rosemary, “Goon Squad”, and “What Happened to You?”. Ohhhh yeeeeeaah… I named them all. The entire album has something big to offer listeners. From the opener traveling through the air (get it?) to the floaty goods of “What Happened To You?”, this is a musical experience. So without too much more detail, I recommend you go experience it!

I really don’t have anything negative to say about “Koi No Yokan”. It’s a solid effort from beginning to end, displaying serious attention to detail, tone, and atmosphere. Pure intellectual ear candy. And the chances are the more you listen to it, the more you’ll enjoy it. If you aren’t already listening to the stream, here it is. And if you like it as much as we do, be sure to go buy the record when it comes out November 13th! Support great music!

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