I wanted to give a shout out to Alex Mola (ex-An Obscure Signal) and his new band From Atlantis. I met Alex at a This Or The Apocalypse show awhile back. His band at the time, An Obscure Signal ripped open the show and afterwards he just came up to me and Thall Baker out of the blue and we talked about all kinds of shit. At one point, he got distracted and said he would be back. I didn’t expect him to actually come back, being the front man of a band that literally just wrecked the stage. But to my surprise, he did come back and we chilled with him for a good bit of the show. Really cool dude.

Now he’s with a new band, From Atlantis. The band has been making music since ’09 and they just released their debut full length “Pedestals” a few months back on InVogue Records. It’s sounding great! It reminds me of bands such as Like Moths To Flames and Memphis May Fire while being a force of it’s own. Listen to the tracks below, and if you enjoy what you’re hearing, go show em some love!

They are already working on pre-production material for a new release. The band had this to say, The stuff we’re working on is the most pissed off shit we’ve ever written. Be warned, be ready.” And rumor has it a preview might be out soon! Stay tuned.

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