Based out of Canada, Intervals is a band that has been making a name for itself in the metal underground. Bringing a powerful, instrumental sound with a large progressive influence, this is certainly a band to watch out for. They recently dropped a new EP “In Time” to follow up the awesome 2011 release “The Space Between”, and you can give the whole thing a listen right here, right now! But how good is it? Did Aaron Marshall and crew live up to the name they made for themselves on their debut? Possibly even surpass it?

The answer to those last two questions is… HELL YES THEY DID! Intervals really evolved on their sound from the “The Space Between” which was awesome enough. This is some really great music. This band strikes me as a cross between Periphery and Chimp Spanner, which really speaks for this bands level of talent. They bring a good bit of technical chaos to their brand of heavy, melodic, progressive music. It’s cool to hear the mind of lead guitarist Aaron Marshall and drummer Anup Sastry (also of Skyharbor) come together with the impressive support of guitarist Lukas Guyader and bassist Matt De Luca. There are also some huge cameos to be found. Olly Steele of Monuments makes and an appearance and I nearly jumped out of my seat when I heard the signature guitar tone of the genius David Maxim Micic.

They rip open “In Time” with their awesome signature chaotic sound in “Alchemy” leading into the stand out “Mata Hari” before the melody really hits. But it hits hard. There is a noticeably increased focus on melody over heaviness this time around. Not to say Intervals doesn’t bring an edge in their music, because they certainly do. It just suggests growth in the composition and it’s quite enjoyable to the ears. You can watch Aaron Marshall wreck “Mata Hari” down yonder. Definitely a recommended track. If you honestly can’t by now, all of “In Time” is recommended. Without getting into too much detail, “Tapestry” has an incredible groove to it along with a noteworthy contribution from Olly Steele and “Momento” brings the melodic goods in a big way. Both are next level tracks. However, Intervals saved the best for last. “Epiphany” blew my mind. It has a very tasteful, amazing vibe to it. Just an incredibly well constructed track. And getting to hear David Maxim Micic’s masterful guitar work weave through an Intervals track is a treat. Great ear candy.

There isn’t really anything bad I have to say about “In Time”. I’ve noticed the further you get into an Intervals release, the more they sound like Periphery. Which isn’t necesarily a bad thing, but the tasteful addition of “Epihany” puts a corkscrew in that trend just at the end. This is an amazing release, but I sense Intervals have yet to tap their full potential. Huge things are on the horizon for these guys. Mark my words.

You should definitely listen to “In Time” from beginning to end several times. Let your brain wrap around the musical greatness. And you dig it as much as The Circle Pit does, be sure to grab the CD and some merch right here. Good shit!

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