“Mind Fuck” – That’s the way people describe the style played by The Algorithm aka the Al Gore rhythm… I’d say it has a good chance of being the next big thing. Usually the idea of metal being mixed with dubstep makes me cringe. But French producer Rémi Gallego pulls it off in a way that I can’t deny the awesomeness. Especially when Monuments drummer Mike Malyan is wrecking the kit to this live. Mixing electronics with sharp mind fuck patterns and overall quality, The Algorithm should appeal to several circles.

Signed to Europe’s Basick Records (amazing label), The Algorithm is currently gearing up to release his debut album “Polymorphic Code”. It will hit stores and explode brains in Europe November 19th and make a similar mess in the United States the following day, November 20th. However, the entire album was just posted for streaming so brains are exploding early! You can listen to the whole thing on Metal Hammer! (Subject to change if it’s taken down.) And if you like it, go pre-order it! Or you can keep reading for my opinion if you are so inclined.

I think it was pretty much a given that The Algorithm’s debut on Basick would be awesome, given the track records. But how awesome is it? I personally believe this man has a chance at starting a movement with his take on djentstep. Combinations between metal and dubstep style electronic music are typically lame, but Rémi takes it to a whole other level. I believe this has inspired other great artists such as A.I.(d) along the way. So yes, this album is really damn good.

Right away, “Handshake” delivers everything you’ve come to expect from The Algorithm and more. Packing the heavy between well thought out electronic interludes. If I’m not mistaken, this opener has a throwback to an Algorithm classic, “Boucle Infinite”. This is definitely a stand out track among many on “Polymorphic Code”. Others being the single “Trojans”, the sequel “Access Granted”, the explosive “Null”, and the twelve minute closer “Panic”. Every song has something great about it. All the tracks flow very well and have a great balance between heaviness, electronics, and ambiance.

This is really a next level effort. Rémi pays serious attention to detail throughout his compositions. The only real criticism I have is about the quality of the synthetic instruments at times. Generally they sound legit, but every once and awhile they sound faker than my ears prefer. Objectively, some people probably won’t appreciate the genre crossing. This is not a record for the closed minded.

But for those of you with an open mind to creativity should definitely get on this record. “Polymorphic Code” is a great, out of the box listening experience. If you read this much of the review and don’t give a listen, consider therapy. And if you do give a listen, consider therapy cause the mind fucks on this record! Buy it here!

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