Handsome.Haggard.Hardcore.” Coming from central Pennsylvania, The Teeth are an in-your-face Hardcore band with a lot of potential. In the two short years of the bands existence, they have dropped a successful debut “Eat.Sleep.Drink” on the awesome Rock Paper Records and shared the stage with bands like Stray From The Path and Letlive. Earlier this year, The Teeth bit down and dropped their debut full-length record, “Homewrecker”. It was recorded with Carson Slovak (from the band Century) and the beastly Grant McFarland (ex-This Or The Apocalypse) at Atrium Audio (also used by August Burns Red, the fore-mentioned This Or The Apocalypse, and Texas In July). Working with quite some pedigrees. But does this band / album live up to those names?

Yes! This is a high-octane Hardcore ride with serious metal, punk, and chaotic elements. This band reminds of a cross between Stray From The Path and The Chariot while having a Hardcore spirit of it’s own. There’s also a post-hardcore vibe at times with clean vocals over the chaos. But overall it’s heavy, relentless, and great for moshing! All fans of Hardcore should get on this immediately.

The record opens with a hard punch in the face with “Wind Up”. I would definitely consider the opener to be a stand out track along with several others including “Bulletproof”, “Son of the Bronx”, “Kiss of Death”, “Undead Horse”, the title track “Homewrecker”, “High on Life”, and the closer “Love Letter From The Future”. Without getting into too much detail, all those tracks are awesome. Obviously some songs are better than others, but every track has something good going on.


Generally, this is a great record but it does have some shortcomings. The whole experience is short for a full length, clocking in at just under a half hour. In the Hardcore spirit, it’s normal to have songs that are short and to the point, but it leaves you wanting more (which I suppose is a good thing for The Teeth). And as I mentioned before, some songs just feel more complete than others. Minor flaws aside, those are my main criticisms of this otherwise good effort.

The verdict is if you love heavy, chaotic Hardcore music, you should definitely sink your ears into The Teeth and blast through “Homewrecker”! Blare the tracks above, and if you love the way the music hits be sure to buy “Homewrecker” right here! Great stuff!

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