I’m thankful for science and crazy good music. Put them together… Thank You Scientist! This is an eclectic group with such an experimental approach to their music that I’m not even sure where to begin describing them. So I’ll start with my ears first impression… “Holy shit this is awesome!”

This super talented New Jersey “7-headed monster” is an upcoming band with a big time personality and even bigger music. They blend all kinds of genres including progressive rock, metal, jazz, ska, and everything else under the sun to create some the most original, mind-blowing stuff you’ve heard in awhile. These guys are so far ahead of their time that their parents aren’t even born yet! Using all kinds of instruments in addition to the usual fare including the saxophone, trumpet, and even the violin in addition with extreme creativity and intelligence, this band is capable of all sorts of things. I highly recommend you go ahead and enjoy the tracks below! Be sure to check out Thank You Scientist’s new full-length “Maps of Non-Existent Places” and go thank them for blessing your ears.

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