Coming from the Czech Republic, Between The Planets is an upcoming solo project from Martin “Spacosh” Perina that demands your attention. With similarities to musical acts such as David Maxim Micic and Animals As Leaders, Between The Planets is bound to make an impression across the metal underground. Therefore, we at The Circle Pit are proud early adopters and promoters. His record “Immersion Into The Unknown” was just released a few days ago are we’re going to take a look at what it has to offer.

The record certainly has an appropriate title. Martin’s debut is, without a doubt, an unusually creative venture into the unknown. Bringing a very tasty, solid mix of experimentation, ambiance, groove, melody, and heaviness, the album builds unnatural soundscapes for your ears and mind to explore. Unexpected instruments such as the cello, some voices, and even electronic work make appearances as “Immersion Into The Unknown” progresses. There is no shortage of interesting ideas here, laced from the forefront to the atmosphere. To put it simply, this LP is a trip and a half.

“Immersion Into The Unknown” is filled with exceptional tracks from start to finish. A few stand out especially in my mind. The phenomenal title track kicks off the album in the best way possible. It shows the listener exactly what they’re getting into with it’s spacey vibes and off the wall experimentation. “I.N.E.U.” follows it up in a HUGE way. Listen and you’ll see why. “Tagrea” is a beautiful piece through and through with a nice, subliminal groove which is brought to the front at times. “Spectral Horizon” was the first track I heard from Between The Planets. It gained my immediate interest with it’s driving groove and atmospheric focus. “Thrive” is just plain incredible. It’s an inspiring piece fusing heaviness and beautiful, strange melody on a fine line. “Ride of Silence” is a tasty track to close out the album. This may sound strange, but it struck me as a modern, progressive take on The Doors… which is awesome! Stand outs aside, every track is very enjoyable with something to offer listeners. Despite the fact that this is a debut, there is a definite sense of maturity to the music.

Although a great musical experience, “Immersion Into The Unknown” doesn’t come without some flaws. However, in the grand scheme of things, they are minor flaws. First, the production value is generally very good but lacks in a few ways. Second, all the ideas on this record are outstanding but certain segments could do with tighter execution. Third, some transitions feel forced. Fourth, it’s obvious that Martin is a talent with the guitar but I got the impression he didn’t tap his full potential. I have a feeling “Immersion Into The Unknown” is only the beginning of what Spacosh can achieve. This is a good thing. Gives the prog-heads more to look forward to!

“Immersion Into The Unknown” is 33 minuites of unrestrained greatness. It is a work of creative genius showing massive potential for an upcoming artist. It’s definitely recommended you take a trip into outer space and back again with this record. The entire album is available for streaming / purchase on Bandcamp! You can also stream it above. If you enjoy, go let Martin know! The future is looking bright, so stay between the planets.

Links: Facebook // Soundcloud // Bandcamp