Finland’s tech metal giants, Circle of Contempt, have finally made a comeback to follow up their huge debut album “Artifacts in Motion”. Having hyped up the record for a good month, the highly anticipated EP “Entwine The Threads” is officially out! Produced by the legendary Sami Raatikainen of Necrophagist and released by Sumerian Records, it seems “Entwine The Threads” has all the makings of an epic return. But was it actually worth the wait?

Hell yeah! Circle of Contempt are back with a vengeance. This band has grown in many ways since their debut while maintaining the edge they are known for. There is an increased focus on atmosphere and musical execution in the songwriting instead of pure complexity and skull breaking, though there is still plenty of that. Technical, creative, and musically sound, this is definitely an EP worth your time and money. More than that, this is an EP worth recognition among the best this year has to offer. “Entwine The Threads” is like the metal cherry on top of 2012 \m/ It is a massive and inspiring musical experience.

It is important to note there were some key line-up change over the years. Former vocalist, Riku Haavisto left the band to be replaced by Denis Hautaniemi and they have also taken on a new bassist in Markus Karhumäki. But the core members of C.O.C. have stayed true in Risto-Matti Toivonen and Ville Patrikainen making up the beastly guitar front and the mechanical tank JP Kaukonen behind the drum kit. All of the above brought their best effort on “Entwine The Threads”. The current line-up is solid as ever. This EP backs up that statement 100%

All the songs on “Entwine The Threads” are rock solid and offer something very special to the listener. Every track is a stand out track filled with original ideas and chilling moments. I could sit here and describe the songs individually, but instead I recommend you go listen to all of the above from the opening title track to the closer “Perceive The Mendacity” as soon as possible.

To sum things up, this EP is just plain incredible. I have no real criticisms here. Objectively, some people may not appreciate the greatness, but that’s their own problem. “Entwine The Threads” is a highly recommended musical experience. If you haven’t already, go out and buy this! Support great metal!

If you want a physical copy of this CD, you MUST ACT NOW (or you may already be too late…). There are only 500 physical copies available. Grab them while they last at Soundcheck Hollywood. However, if you pre-ordered the EP, you’re in the clear. According to Sumerian Records, everyone who purchased the digital download card should have a physical copy on the way.

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