Let’s have a Basick Records day. Why the hell not? With 2 huge recent signings bolstering their international roster, they deserve the spotlight. Italian tech-core heavyweights Damned Spring Fragrantia have officially signed with the label and make a great fit bringing parallels to other awesome groups such as Dissipate. They fuse tech-metal and hardcore in a big way, crushing the listener with a ton of massive, relentless groove.

The band just dropped a new single along with the news, “D.M.Z.”. It’s starts out with North Korean propaganda only to smash your eardrums with some straight metal seconds later. Definitely a solid track.

“D.M.Z.” is the first single off Damned Spring Fragrantia’s upcoming full-length record “Divergences”. The debut album will pack 10 tracks of chaotic ruthlessness. There will also be a tasteful cameo from Heart In Hand’s vocalist Charlie Holmes. All in all, it should be an awesome listening experience. “Divergences” is slated to be dropped on the world sometime early next year. While you’re waiting for the release, check out “D.M.Z.” and the official artwork for “Divergences” below. If you enjoy what you’re hearing, go show the band some love and stay tuned for more news!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // Basick Records