This is a must listen for progressive fanatics and tech-heads alike. You’ll get Stockholm syndrome when this Swedish band captivates you with their brand of tight as hell heavy music (bad pun intended). This Stockholm four piece weaves together some VERY impressive metal with low-tuned madness, elements of fusion, and a boat load of creativity. This is evinced by their huge debut EP. You can listen to all the tracks below and download the release in it’s entirety on the official Means End Bandcamp. This is highly recommended music. Haven’t been this impressed in a bit. If you enjoy the music as much as we do, go ahead and support Means End.

Rumor has it, Means End also has a new full-length well under way. Not to mention a full-length that will be produced by Tesseract’s very own Acle Kahney. Ohhhhh yeeaaah! Vocal recording was just finished and there is absolutely no voice modification or cheap studio magic. Respect. The album should be awesome. Stay tuned for more.

Links: Facebook // Youtube // Bandcamp