I’ve been looking for an opportunity to give a shout out to our friends at Monolithic Music and there’s no time like the present. Also responsible for the damn near perfect UK Tech Fest and big time promotions page English Djentlemens Quarters, Simon Garrod started up Monolithic Music with the intention of managing and representing England’s best upcoming bands. And he’s succeeding.

Having partnered up with extreme talents Nexilva and Invocation, things are only looking up for everyone involved. The prolific Nexilva have been creating incredible Death Metal for the past 2 years. They already have a debut full-length “The Trials of Mankind” and a follow up EP “Defile The Flesh of Innocence” under their belt, both of which are awesome. The band also just dropped a new single “Invasion” which you can blast below. Likewise, Invocation also dropped a new single “The Veil” to follow up their impressive debut EP. This a solid, tech heavy Progressive Metal band with a lot going for them. Invocation have a full-length debut coming Summer 2013! Both bands have shared the stage with big names and are only looking to push themselves further. Enjoy the music below and show them some love!

Links: Monolithic Music // Nexilva // Invocation // English Djentlemens Quarters // UK Tech Fest