I’ve been planning on reviewing this one for awhile and less than a week before the official release of “Everywhere”, I’m finally getting around to it. Upcoming French Death Metal talents, Sentence, are emerging with their debut as a band worth your while. This was mentioned in our album preview for “Everywhere” last month. But just how good is this album?

Having listened to the record about four times more since my first impression, it’s safe to say Sentence’s “Everywhere” is real damn good. Actually, it’s real damn great! Packing a Prog Technical Death Metal punch while bringing creativity to the table, these guys have something special going on with their music. They think outside the box while keeping things heavy and fresh. The instrumental work on the album is nothing short of awesome as they shred and slam through nearly an hours worth of original, extreme music with death growls laced above.

Every song on “Everywhere”, including the interludes, has something good going on. However, as to be expected, a few stand out in particular. For example, “Birth” rips open the album with furious riffing before smashing with blast beats. Certain parts of this song are just plain huge. Really great way to kick off the record. “Everywhere of Nowhere” was the original single that got me interested in this band and is easily one of my favorites. It offers heavy, creative goodness from beginning to end as a stand out track. “Eightfold Path” has a serious focus on its bass lines. It seems a good bit of the song is crafted around this yielding some interesting results within the composition and execution. “Run” is an excellent end to the record. It really demonstrates the band’s ability to think outside the box with some very impressive segments. These are just a few examples.

While “Everywhere” is largely a great experience, it does come with a couple flaws which should be mentioned. First, the production / mix is good but it could be better and it shows in some segments. Second, Sentence keeps up the creativity a good bit of the way, but parts may seem like same old, same old Death Metal to some listeners. Those are the only real criticisms of an otherwise solid record.

If you’re in the market for some awesome, upcoming Death Metal look no further. Sentence’s debut makes for a brutally interesting listening experience. You can give a couple singles from the record a listen above. If you enjoy the music, be sure to let the band know and buy the record when it comes out December 15th! \m/

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