And the award for the longest title ever on The Circle Pit goes to… The Room Colored Charlatan! Hailing from central Indiana, this Progressive Metal unit has been hard at work constructing their debut full-length, “Between Mirrors: The Quantum Immortality”. And the time is almost here for the official release through the impressive Subliminal Groove Records! Actually just in time for the apocalypse (…or not) on December 21st. But should you blast this at your end of the world party?


Ohhh yeeaaah. This is an absolute must listen for prog-heads! This band is incredibly talented with a very creative, musical, technical approach to how they create music. And it yields amazing results. This is a newer band, but The Room Colored Charlatan weaves beautiful, complex soundscapes like a bunch of salty pros. They also bring the heavy edge, providing several mosh worthy moments throughout the record. In some ways they actually remind me of a more fusion focused version of The Contortionist. But The Room Colored Charlatan are definitely a beast of their own, and it shows through this awesome listening experience.

From start to finish, “Between Mirrors: The Quantum Immortality” is a real treat to listen to. Powerful songwriting and brilliant moments are lined through every track. This band touches on genius at times. After giving the record several listens, certain tracks stand out to me especially. “Connection” rips open the record with fierce technicality, bringing some of the heaviest segments on the album. It also has some excellent, complex cleaner moments. Altogether, it makes for an awesome way to kick things off. “Departure” also packs some of the heaviest material on “Between Mirrors”. It’s the longest track almost clocking in at 9 minutes of goodness. There are some absolutely mind-blowing segments on this one. “Immortal” is the song that originally got me into this band. After hearing it for the first time, I immediately needed more and it’s grown on me further ever since. Listen to it above and see why. It’s hard to deny the ethereal aural pleasures of “Reflections” part 1 & 2. Purely instrumental, they build awe-inspiring soundscapes for your ears and mind to wander. “Transients” closes out “Between Mirrors” in the best way possible. It boasts melodic flair before smashing your face with some good ol’ heaviness.

My criticisms are few and far between. All the ideas on this album are great, but not all of them translated well onto the album. Certain segments could be tighter. On the other hand, certain segments are executed to perfection. Also, the production is good but it could have been better in some ways. However, these flaws are very minor when compared to the absolute greatness found in this collection of music.

All in all, “Between Mirrors: The Quantum Immortality” makes for an incredible musical experience. This is highly recommended for all fans of Progressive Metal and fans of great music in general. It’s a very enjoyable, mind bending ride. You can sample a couple singles released by The Room Colored Charlatan above. And if you enjoy the music as much as we do, go ahead and grab your pre-order!

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