Coming from down under, The Schoenberg Automaton are back with a new single, “Ghost of Mirach”. This is the first track released off their upcoming full-length “Vela”, which will be the follow up to their insane self-titled debut EP. Likewise, “Ghosts of Mirach” is an insane single. I could try and describe it, but I’ll a friend of TSA, Ben Hocking do it instead:

“Matttteeeeee new track is killer! It’s kinda like the last level of a really intense video game! You’re getting right into it and you have come so far and you really don’t want to die coz then you would have to go back to the start again! And you have been playing the game now for hours and your hands are starting to sweat.. It’s a really nice day out side and you have spent most of it playing the game but you know it will be worth it once you finish it.”

Yep, that pretty much hits the nail on the head. Give “Ghosts of Mirach” a listen below along with some goods from their EP (which is FREE by the way). And expect plenty more off-time chaos when “Vela” drops. Stay tuned.

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