Some music is just too good to forget, no matter if the band is gone. So we’re having a Throwback Thursday for the currently disbanded group, The Fortune Teller. They moved on to become the modern Metalcore juggernaut, Elitist. This band was composed of Julian Rodriguez (Elitist) and Sean Hall (ex-Elitist) on guitar, and Robert Platz (ex-Elitist) on drums among others. They brought an incredible neo-classical edge with their brand of shreddy Technical Metalcore. Absolutely incredible music. Watch Sean Hall shred through some tracks below and enjoy the rough version of “Lines In The Sand”.

The duo of guitarists will be working together once again on the upcoming project, Wolves & Embers. Currently they are recording Sean Hall’s upcoming EP, “False Mirrors”. Read up here and check out their respective careers through the links at the bottom.

Links: Sean Hall Facebook // Elitist Facebook // Julian Rodriguez Facebook