This year was packed with amazing music in all forms. EP releases were no exception. The competition on this list was fierce but it is finally settled. Here are the top 5 EPs of 2012.
Hailing from the UK, guitar and composition wizard Paul Ortiz has been creating some of the most mind bending, out of the box tracks known to man since 2005 and he hasn’t even remotely slowed down. If anything, he’s sped up with his newest “All Roads Lead Here”. This is a multi-dimensional aural adventure teeming with musical genius and complete excellence. And it’s all crammed into 25 minutes of explosive audio perfection. From “Dark Age Of Technology” to “Cloud City”, and the three massive parts of the epic “Möbius” in between, this is one you don’t want to miss.This release deserves your full attention as the EP of the year.

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Circle of Contempt have grown in many ways since their debut while maintaining the edge they are known for.  Technical and creative with an increased focus on musical execution, Circle of Contempt have achieved classic status with the phenomenal “Entwine The Threads”. Tracks such as “Transient Belief”, “Perceive The Mendacity”, and “Entwine The Threads” really set it apart. This is definitely an EP that’s worth your time and money. More than that, this is an EP worth recognition among the best this year has to offer. “Entwine The Threads” is like the metal cherry on top of 2012 \m/ It is a massive and inspiring musical experience.

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This is the kind of band that will either inspire the hell out of other artists or make them want to give up on their respective instruments. The Ascariasis debut was one of the most impressive Death Metal EPs to come out in awhile. “Ocean Of Colour” is filled with shreddy, razor-edged metal combined with a creative, tasteful side. This band has the ability to combine a chaotic, heavy sound with a classical, melodic flavor. They even throw in some ambience. Altogether, it makes them really stand out amongst the Death Metal pack. “Shatter”, “Eleven”, “Carving The World” and the title track all demonstrate why Ascariasis is the cream of the crop.

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Coming from Serbia, David Maxim Micic has both re-defined and set the bar high for other “bedroom producers” worldwide. The Berklee trained multi-instrumentalist followed up his debut in the biggest way possible. “Bilo 2.0” borrows elements of the original release while being a beast of it’s own. Bringing together genius, progressive metal, jazz fusion, huge atmosphere, electronics, technicality, tasteful writing, and cutting edge experimentation, this EP creates a musical journey for the listener. Every track on “Bilo 2.0” will bring you “Along For A Ride” like nothing you’ve heard before. This is easily one of 2012’s best EPs.

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Novallo sounds like a combination of Periphery, The Human Abstract, Mute Math, Maroon 5, and lord knows what… The music these guys make, although random at times, is damn impressive. Their debut is easily one of the strongest EPs to drop this year. Packed with tight instrumental work, amazing vocals, and infectious ear candy, Novallo will leave you hooked. Every track on this release has something interesting and unique going. To name a few – “Angle of Perception”, “4 Eyes Win!”, and “Visually Silent” really stand out. Definitely give the EP a listen. Warning: It will get stuck in your head in the best way possible.

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