Well here it is! This song is called “A New Beginning” and was originally going to be featured on our EP but will now be featured as a bonus track along with the rest of the songs off of the EP. It was recorded back when we only had the Axe Fx Ultra so the tone of Album 2 will be very different but I did what I could in the mixing process to make it as good as I could! Hope you guys enjoy!”

Yeah, you heard right. Possibly the most prolific band in underground metal is back with a new track and it’s awesome! Wide Eyes have continued to grow as musicians and it really shows. Album 2 should be amazing. You can give “A New Beginning” a listen or five along with some tracks off their massive 26 track debut “Volume” below. Read our review for that abnormally large record right here and grab the whole thing for free on Bandcamp! \m/

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