Turn off your TVs and tune into some Death Metal. Broadcasting out of the London area, Acrania is an extremely talented Brutal Death four piece blasting out a brand of heavy music they’ve dubbed as “Politicore”. In other words, politically conscience metal spreading sharp criticisms about modern society. This is a new face in the metal underground but from what we’ve heard, Acrania are already becoming a big deal in the UK. And they’re only looking to push their message further. That message is one that needs to be heard as their criticisms carry the weight of truth.

For example, their latest single, “Susceptible to Retinal Based Reprogrammability”, is a full out attack on the idiocy and negative messages spread through television. This song makes me happy that I barely ever sit down to watch TV. And the song itself is god damn awesome, providing an incredibly heavy edge. Moshable as hell.

The single was released in support of the band’s upcoming EP, “The Beginning of the End”. It’s slated for release later this month. January 28th to be exact. Should be awesome. In the mean time, enjoy the single along with another single and a promo they released for a recent split with the band Blue Waffle (I hope you never have to see that picture). The split is actually available for a free download right here. Stay metal my friends \m/

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