Aidos – The Greek term for the great shame felt by a hero after failure.

There’s a brand new Tech Death force coming out of Sacramento, CA. Aidos brings a very heavy, tight sound with some experimental flair. They just dropped a single, “Epigram”, and it’s pretty damn awesome \m/ It is the first of several songs from their upcoming EP, “Insignificant”. Rumor has it, the band has much more on the way including a music video, lyric videos, merch, etc. In the mean time, give “Epigram” a listen below, watch the Aidos teaser, and read through the band’s optimistic description of themselves.

“New project in the already overcrowded ‘Metal World’. Just another blip on the radar screen here to annoy you through your ears with fast paced drums, halfassed melodic guitars, random keyboards, and funny sounding cookie monster vocals.”

Links: Facebook // Bandpage