This is one of those bands I could ramble on about and probably never capture with words. You really need to listen to Asura Crying for the full impact. These are the kind of songs that feel great inside the ears immediately, then they take you off on a musical adventure. Asura Crying is purely instrumental, so as my intro insinuates, the music speaks for itself. And it says a lot. They write utterly beautiful, powerful, and intricate Progressive Metal. This is a must listen.

So far, this Russian three-piece has dropped a very impressive debut EP, “Echo”, and a brand new single “Genesis”. Both of which are available for free download! That’s a deal and a half! Grab the new single here and the “Echo” EP here. No matter which direction their music takes them, Asura Crying have a very bright future and I look forward to hearing more. Have a listen for yourself. And if you enjoy the music as much as we do, go ahead and support Asura Crying!


Links: Facebook // Twitter // Soundcloud