Chaos In Paradise is an upcoming Melodic Metalcore band from Portugal with a good bit of promise and a hot female vocalist. They recently got in contact with us and shared their debut EP, “Let The Bliss Remain”. After listening, it’s safe to say this is a solid Metalcore outfit. I was pleasantly surprised by their ability to transition from well-constructed melody to heaviness. A perfect example can be found in their music video for “Sanzu River”, with a welcome punch to the ears a bit after the 3 minute mark. And with similarities to In This Moment among other groups, all while bringing a sound of their own, this band may end up going places.

Currently they are spending their time between touring and the studio. Chaos In Paradise plans to drop their debut full-length sometime in 2013. Stay tuned! Give the music a listen below, and if you enjoy, go show the band some love!

Links: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp