Time to kick some clouds. In the typical Ben Sharp fashion, he released a new song today without any warning. But “Hello” is unlike anything he’s released before. As time goes on, he moves further and further away from the “Melodic-Meshuggah” sound he began with in favor of a more experimental approach. This time around there isn’t even instrumentation. It’s just 10 minutes worth of melodic drone / atmosphere. Some of you may enjoy this, some of you may not. Either way, you can name your own price for it here!

No matter what your take on “Hello” is, you should definitely check out the rest of Cloudkicker’s work. We have a couple tracks listed below. All of which you can also name your own price for! Look on the right hand side of Ben Sharp’s Bandcamp page and take your pick. Very highly recommended!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp