Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it has been confirmed that Lyle Cooper is no longer with Progressive Death Metal gods, The Faceless. He issued the following statement in regards to his departure:

“After almost five years with the band, I’ve decided to part ways. Over the last couple of years it seemed that the interests, goals and musical approach of the band was not that of my own. Also, managerial issues became too frequent with no resolution. These issues, I felt, made it hard for me as an individual to produce as a creative and enthusiastic member. I’m sure that proceeding my departure, the band will have no trouble finding someone with the right mindset and talents to step in and keep the band moving forward.”

“Thank you to the fans and everyone who supported The Faceless throughout the years. I wish the band and its members nothing but continued success and make sure you catch them on their upcoming tours. I will still be pursuing my other musical projects so look out for new Absvrdist and Abhorrent this year.”

As Lyle stated, all the artists will push forward on their respective musical ventures. This is already apparent as The Faceless had taken on three new members during the creation of their latest record, “Autotheism”. You can read our review for that incredible album right here. Stay tuned for more. And while you’re waiting, blast a timeline of Faceless jams below. Past to present.

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