To put it simply, Ne Obliviscaris is amazing. If you deny that, your opinion is invalid. Formed back in 2003 down under in Melbourne, Australia – the band is composed of six members covering guitar, violin, drums, bass, clean and harsh vocals. With these tools, this band has been making nothing but quality music for awhile now. Offering a wide variety of aural pleasures, Ne Obliviscaris touch on a number of themes and genres through their Progressive Metal front, crossing Black, Thrash, and Death Metal. They even throw in Jazz and Flamenco elements at times. And with the band’s superior execution, it makes for one incredible mix.

Most recently, Ne Obliviscaris released their expansive full-length, “Portal of I”, last year. It provided 7 impressive tracks, clocking in at a total of 71 minutes of amazing music. This is fully recommended to anyone who enjoys music. Period. Have a listen below and go support great music!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // iTunes