Coming from Ireland, Shattered Skies are an extremely talented, upcoming Progressive Metal band with an amazing sound and one helluva groove. It doesn’t take any more than a single listen to see why this band has a good chance of going places with their music. They’re already doing big things with their sound as every member brings something special to the table. They strike as a strong cross between TesseracT and Periphery, all while bringing an awesome style of their own.

Shattered Skies released their earth shattering debut EP, “Reanimation”, in 2011. It received positive feedback pretty much across the board. That release is available for a “name your own price” download on Bandcamp! Clocking in at 38 minutes of quality, it’s almost like a full-length in itself. Highly recommended! Ever since they have released “Pianomation”, providing recreations of their debut. And more importantly, they released an impressive new single, “Saviours”, which you can watch a video for just below. There’s no telling where this band will go, but they’re sure to leave a trail of greatness behind.

Links: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp