Today we’re going to take a look back at works from August Burns Red. In particular, their first two full-lengths “Thrill Seeker” and “Messengers”. These are arguably two of the most influential records in all of Metalcore history.

“Thrill Seeker” was released back in 2005. It pushed the Metalcore genre to it’s extreme limits with technicality, heaviness, and creativity. This record could be labeled as in a league of it’s own, and it still stands out as an original listening experience to this day. It provided about 45 minutes worth of out of the box greatness through tracks such as “Barbarian”, “Your Little Suburbia In Ruins”, “Speech Impediment”, and “Endorphins”. And considering it was produced by Killswitch Engage’s Adam D, ABR emerged with quite a pedigree. Take a listen below for some thrills.

Two years later would come “Messengers”, an absolute staple of the Metalcore sub-genre. A total game changer. This album has direct influence on how a large amount of Metalcore bands write music to this day. It brought a hard hitting, relentless edge and breakdowns so heavy they could put hair on a woman’s chest. And did I mention the china cymbal? Whether for better or for worse, this record popularized the china symbol among many core bands with Matt Griener’s next level drumming ability. “Messengers” also packs plenty of classics such as “Composure”, “Back Burner”, “Up Against The Ropes”, and “The Eleventh Hour”. Take a listen down yonder.

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