We have a huge throwback for you today. Some of you are probably unaware that virtuosic guitarist Tosin Abasi (Animals As Leaders), bass master Evan Brewer (The Faceless, Ex-Animosity), and vocalist Ash Avildsen (Founder and owner of Sumerian Records) used to be in a band together along with drummer Vinny Vinh. That band was Reflux. One of Washington D.C.’s premiere Progressive Metalcore groups from the last decade.

They released one album, “The Illusion of Democracy”, in 2004 which got many of the band members recognized in their own right. For example, Prosthetic Records approached Tosin Abasi with the concept of him writing a solo album. You can listen to some tracks from that LP down below. I also recommend looking into what each of the artists are doing currently. Reflux worked as a springboard for future greatness.

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